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Mar. 25th, 2009 07:59 pm
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Today, I did something I'd been meaning to do for weeks: I got on a train to Oppenheim, climbed up to the ruined castle above the town, climbed what's left of the tower, and had lunch there.

The weather wasn't ideal, gusty wind with spatterings of rain, but I figured I wasn't going to get any better this week. This little hike was part of my 'lose some of that unnecessary blubber' campaign--since thirteen years of PE have given me a lingering hatred for anything commonly labled 'sports', I avoid gyms like the plague and take myself for walks instead. Seems to be working so far. While not very high, that hill is pretty steep, but I had to stop and wheeze for breath only once, about two thirds up. So I managed a lot better than last summer.

Oppenheim is a typical little riverside town, lots of cobbled streets and old watchtowers, surrounded by vinyards, and very quiet and pretty. It's so small you can see the whole of it from the castle ruins. Because it's more or less built into a hillside, it is full of steep narrow stairs in odd places to connect the different tiers. Quite a bit like Edinburgh, on a smaller scale. It's also full of tunnels--the whole place is built on a maze of underground passages dating back to the Middle Ages, with a few layers of old town in between.

There's an annual reenactors' market, which provides a minibus shuttle service from the station to the castle. When I went there last summer, said mimubus contained (barely) the driver, yours truly, and five armed-and-armoured-to-the-teeth saxons. Good times.

What with sitting around on trains and platforms, I managed to tackle my ever growing pile of photocopied lit, and carve a chunk out of it. I've reached a point where I might actually be able to write something without being crushed by paranoia about my appalling lack of research. That will be tomorrow's challenge.

I shall leave you with the most adorable thing I've seen today:


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