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So, a few days ago I started following Unfuck Your Habitat. Apart from large amounts of cheerful swearing and a steadfast belief that baking soda and vinegar are magical, it has helpful advice on how to form a healthy relationship with your clutter, and useful tips on how to kill said clutter in the face.

The method reminds me of what [ profile] bardling said about completion a few days ago: Tackle stuff in small, manageable chunks, with breaks, one thing at a time. The 'power of some' is mighty indeed.

The best thing about it, though, is that all those success stories on there are infectious. While housework as such is not one of my particular demons, procrastination is. We go waaay back, procrastination and I. But after a few days of looking at before and after pictures, I actually felt motivated to join in. For bragging rights.

So last night, I unfucked the bathroom. Scrubbed all the obvious things, and also:

-sorted out my cleaning supplies so I can actually see what I have, and find things without digging

-ditto the catch-all basket of spare soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razor blades, itty travel-sized bottles of STUFF, hair scrunchies, rubber goldfish (I wish I was making that one up)

-put all the plasters, painkillers, allergy meds, antiseptic, olbas oil etc. into the same place. We now have a first aid box. Like grownups. Bonus unfucking of two bedside drawers I went through in the process.

Things are still a variety of ‘ordered’ that would have my mother exclaiming at my slovenliness and make dire pronouncements about how I’m not fit to run a household. However, that kind of inner monologue can go straight to hell because everything is now exactly the way I need it, and find the most useful. Yay.

Tonight, the bedroom. Tomorrow, THE WORLD.

(X-posted from tumblr. Apologies to people I've spammed twice.)

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