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I came across a very useful phrase the other day: reward behaviour. It's a technical term that I hadn't encountered before, but makes perfect sense for a certain set of patterns.

A main point of this recent 'unfuck your habitat' campaign is actually changing my reward behaviour. Right now, the majority of my evenings go like this: 'Come home from work, cook, eat, spod around online looking at shiny things, pass out when tired.' I'm attempting to change this script to: 'Come home, cook, eat, do some useful stuff, brag about it on the internet, then spod around online looking at shiny things.' The 'brag about it' part is essential. People reward me for it by giving me attention and generally acknowledging my existence. This is a HUGE incentive. I also get to feel like I achieved something. But really, the actual result of uncluttered living space is almost a side effect in the larger context of changing unhelpful habits.

Speaking of which, progress continues.

I now have a functional bedside lamp for the first time since the old one packed it in a year ago. I can read in bed, then switch the light off without getting up. I cannot describe how awesome this feels, and how daft I feel for taking so long to sort it out. Also:

-dusted and wiped down all the bedroom furniture, windowsill, doorframe etc.
-put scattered jewellery back in boxes and rearranged pretty things on top of dresser
-stripped all the guest bedding and hung it out to be aired. That's five duvets and seven pillows, not including the ones we sleep in.
-tidied under the bed, as a consequence of the above
-unfucked the main wardrobe drawer, my underwear drawer and the three boxes on top of the wardrobe

Special mention needs to be made of [ profile] lordofthewheel, because he rocks. When I got in from work last night, I found the laundry done, the kitchen tidied and wiped down, and he spontaneously helped with the great assault on the underbed space by repacking all the camping rolls and air beds we keep there. I think my bout of getting things done-ness is rubbing off on him. He claims he did it so he doesn't have to feel guilty. :p Whichever it is, it's an enormous help and five shades of awesome.

Next goal: wardrobe. (Muahahaha.)
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