Oct. 15th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Hot off the press, the latest edition of 'It takes a special kind of stupid': after washing out a pair of gloves in the bathroom sink, I discover that the plug is jammed in its hole beyond retrieving. Attempts to lever it out with fingernails, knife blade etc. spectacularly unsuccessful. I guess getting one of those rubber suction thingies is my next step, before finding that this also fails and having to attack the plumbing from the other side. Just saying, when you get the news I drowned in my own bathroom, this'll be why.

To round off the complete pointlessness of this post, have some pixel dragons.

Egg ImageHatchling ImageEgg ImageHatchling ImageEgg Image
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I stayed up for about 30 hours straight yesterday. Again. My body seems to get confused about time zones, and my bedtime sneaks ever closer to dawn, and I find myself waking up around three in the afternoon. The drawback of being done with classes: the thesis deadline is too far away to get me out of bed.

(www.xkcd.com/448 <--Yep, this is me.)

So from Wednesday to Thursday, I skipped sleep entirely. Crashed at 9 pm or so, slept through the night for a change, and was awake by eight. The results are rather startling. So far I've got more reading done today than in the last four days together, walked for an hour, shopped for some small necessities, and cleaned my entire flat. (The bathroom is technically Steffi's job, but a) she's not here right now and b) I felt one could only get dirtier in there the way it was...) What with all this domesticity, I should go out tonight and make up for it--if only that wouldn't switch me back to nocturnal in no time flat. It's disconcerting how much more productive I am when I put mornings at the right end of the day.

Also, it's the equinox today. Happy spring/autumn, depending on where you are. :)

Edit: my new desktop picture.
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