Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:08 am
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Things get better from here. That's my resolution. Considering how good things have got so far, I rather look forward to it. Hell, my life isn't anywhere near free of problems, but I know when I'm onto something good.

Last year, [ profile] lordofthewheel and I spent Midwinter curled up in front of the fire in our new house. (That's also when we decided to get married, but then didn't tell anyone until August. Actual wedding next year and all that. :D) Anyway, this year we headed out to Brighton to see the Burning of the Clocks.

I've got this soppy affection for Brighton. I'm never there long enough to notice any of its flaws, plus it's full of lovely people - I seem to meet more of them every year. As we were walking along the sea front today, I realised I've known this place for over seven years now. Still seems it was just the other year that I first came for a visit. Bloody hell, how time flies.

Back then, I was fresh out of school and a little unsure about whether I'd get into uni. All my future was hanging in the balance. But I knew even then that I'd be back, and the years went by and I came back over and over again and built a life here. And today we stood on the Promenade together, with the sound of the sea and the drums in our ears, and watched the bonfire on the beach and the fireworks above, and it was exactly what a Winter Solstice should be. One of the ways, anyway.

I'd say I wish I'd known about all of these things way back when. But I think I could see the shape of them even then, vaguely enough. Can you see it? All ye spirits of Christmas Past, can you see it?

Merry Solstice, everyone.

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G'wan. I'm curious what you think.

(Also, might want to do a real post one of these days. In short: work is crazy, life is good, escapism is better, 'tis the season to be living in a field. See most of you there. :D)

Utter Win

Sep. 16th, 2010 03:40 pm
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[ profile] lordofthewheel and I have just bought a house.

That is all. :D :D :D
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So, I seem to recall saying I'd update this thing more. Well. Damn.

It's been a busy summer. A very very good summer too, but packed. Let's see...

Uni, the universe, and everything )

Backtracking a bit. At the end of July, my flatmate up and left me, going to America for her year abroad. So [ profile] lordofthewheel moved in for a few weeks, passed his German course with flying colours, and was generally awesome to have around. I could get used to living with this bloke. :) We had a brief visit from [profile] kai_kay too, which was lovely. Lots of wandering about the town, sightseeing and ice cream all round. Moreover, I got to introduce her to my parents, and we all had a day out together which everyone survived. Language barrier, we scoff at thee.

And then I moved house. )

I've only just got settled in properly, because three days after the move I wandered off to England again. Among other things,lots of larp was had. )

In between, Pete and I made a brief trip to Brighton for [ profile] luckykaa 's birthday bash. Met lots of lovely people, forgot lots of names, but I see [ profile] tictactoepony has friended me, so hi. *waves enthusiastically* Not to mention that whole conversation about 'Winter in the Willows' larp, and the project it has already spawned. [ profile] flannelcat , you're a lousy instigator and I really look forward to what happens next. :D

Back home now, and elbow deep in exam topics and stuff I want to write instead of studying. In other words, life as usual.

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Taking a break from last minute pre-deadline madness to squee incoherently and grin in a possibly deranged fashion because this page here:

 makes me incredibly happy in oh so many ways.

That is all.

(Deadline is the 14th. Expect no sense from me before then.)

It's Alive!

Mar. 6th, 2009 07:13 pm
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Well, yeah. Hi again. Some of you might remember me. :)

I stopped updating this journal almost three years ago because it had begun to feel like a chore. Something that's meant to be fun shouldn't be an obligation, so I left it to itself. Lately, though, I've been thinking it might be fun to write again, so here we go.

Some of you, gentle readers, have met me in real life or talked/IM'd with me recently; some of you haven't. (Here's a belated 'Hello!' to those I've met at the filk con a few weeks ago. 'twas good to see you.) I've been reading along, so I'm marginally familiar with how your lives have been going. Here's an update on the state of the Katie.

For the curious or interested )


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