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So, I seem to recall saying I'd update this thing more. Well. Damn.

It's been a busy summer. A very very good summer too, but packed. Let's see...

That thesis I was writing? I handed it in on time, but about twenty pages short of the eighty I was aiming for, with the last chapter barely existing in summary, woefully unedited, and I think with bullet points still lurking in some corners. The only reason I handed it in when I did was that I'd get a second chance if I failed within the deadline, and I was fully expecting to fail.

My supervisor listened to that sorry tale, told me she'd see what could be done, and later told me to stop worrying because I'd certainly pass. I didn't quite believe her until last Tuesday. Last Tuesday, I found out the thesis has been graded, and that I scored a 2.7 (in a grading system that goes from 1.0 to 4.0 as the last passing grade). Not brilliant by any means, but respectable.

I conclude from this that a) my supervisor wants to get rid of me with all possible speed, and b) even unedited, my drivel makes some sense. I'm pretty pleased with that one.

Now it's only three oral exams to go, which will happen some time before November 13th. And then, after six bloody years, I'll be done.

Backtracking a bit. At the end of July, my flatmate up and left me, going to America for her year abroad. So [ profile] lordofthewheel moved in for a few weeks, passed his German course with flying colours, and was generally awesome to have around. I could get used to living with this bloke. :) We had a brief visit from [profile] kai_kay too, which was lovely. Lots of wandering about the town, sightseeing and ice cream all round. Moreover, I got to introduce her to my parents, and we all had a day out together which everyone survived. Language barrier, we scoff at thee.

And then I moved house. Okay, moved from a two-bedroom flat with lots of space into the tiniest room I've ever lived in. Furniture tetris, anyone? I had to give up one of my two desks (of course you need two desks when you write papers, where else would the sprawling pile of photocopies live?) and my big comfy chair because there was simply no way they'd fit. Now half my living space is taken up by my bed, and I can reach the fridge from my desk chair. This may have devastating consequences.

On the up side, I get woken up by the sun every morning, my window faces directly onto a river, and I have a shelf with a basil plant right above my bed. Light! Air! No noisy neighbours! After two years of living in a basement, this gives me no end of joy.

I've only just got settled in properly, because three days after the move I wandered off to England again. Among other things,lots of larp was had.

I went to my first Curious Pastimes event, a four day no less, and had inordinate amounts of fun pretending to be an elf. Yes, I know. I blame it all on Pete, see, because he plays a satyr and I couldn't resist the stereotype. CP is good old-fashioned 'orcs, elves, goblins, oodles of magic, let's go and hit things' larp and thus cheesy as hell. Great roleplaying all around, though, loved the set dressing, and I'll definitely be back.

Maelstrom happened too, a bit later. Very mellow event for me, because I couldn't be arsed to be particularly active. In any case Maelstrom is the one system where I can wander around by myself without expecting to get attacked. I have a sneaking feeling I'm doing something wrong here.

In between, Pete and I made a brief trip to Brighton for [ profile] luckykaa 's birthday bash. Met lots of lovely people, forgot lots of names, but I see [ profile] tictactoepony has friended me, so hi. *waves enthusiastically* Not to mention that whole conversation about 'Winter in the Willows' larp, and the project it has already spawned. [ profile] flannelcat , you're a lousy instigator and I really look forward to what happens next. :D

Back home now, and elbow deep in exam topics and stuff I want to write instead of studying. In other words, life as usual.

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